A proven track record

Cerico has successfully deployed online regulatory compliance tools to help around 30 different organisations bring their policies to life. Our solutions are in use in 40 countries across 5 continents, and in 9 languages.

We count significant corporates in private equity, energy, manufacturing and real estate sectors among our clients. Here are just two examples of the work we’re doing worldwide. 

Clyde Blowers Capital

Clyde Blowers Capital is a private equity firm which buys and sells engineering businesses around the world. This includes in a number of jurisdictions designated high-risk by anti-corruption authorities.

As a result it faces unique compliance challenges - particularly in the field of bribery and corruption. It strives to ensure that the 90+ businesses in its funds, and their business partners and supply chains, comply with the relevant legislation. This in turns helps mitigate the exposure of the parent company to unnecessary regulatory risk.

A key issue for the Clyde Blowers’ compliance function was to find a legally robust and cost-effective solution to this challenge which could be easily implemented across all portfolio companies in a consistent and efficient manner.

Working with Cerico and exploiting the functional flexibility of the Cerico platform, the team has developed and rapidly deployed a number of bespoke compliance solutions, ranging from employee eLearning to Third-Party Due Diligence and annual Compliance Certification. 

Cerico has enabled Clyde Blowers to implement centrally-developed compliance policies and procedures across a variety of organisationally and geographically disparate portfolio organisations, thus ensuring their compliance framework is fully embedded across all portfolio companies. 

As new companies are brought into the Clyde Blowers Capital family, the Cerico solution can be implemented in a ‘plug and play’ manner, dramatically reducing risk exposure and embedding Clyde Blowers’ strong compliance ethos quickly and efficiently.

Cerico continues to develop and refine the compliance solutions to keep pace with the changes within the business.  Since the initial launch, there have been a number of functional enhancements to existing solutions. By working closely with the Clyde Blowers Capital compliance team, a number of new solutions have been developed and implemented as the compliance framework develops and matures.

The Clyde Blowers team was particularly attracted by the customer-centric approach of the Cerico team, and its willingness to develop its platform and content to create a solution which was the right fit for the business.

The Cerico team is excellent – very driven, and very customer and deadline focused. Angela McCallum, Portfolio Legal Director (Operations), Clyde Blowers Capital
Clyde Blowers Capital


Proserv is a leading energy services company specialising in the provision of solutions to the global oil and gas industry. Headquartered in Aberdeen, UK, it employs over 2,100 people based in 11 countries and 29 sites.

The growth of the business in recent years has been phenomenal, and that expansion – coupled with increasingly onerous legislation – led it to look at compliance solutions which automated the process as far as possible and reduced the emphasis on delivering in-person anti-bribery and other training.

Working with Cerico, the team developed a flexible suite of compliance tools, which were rolled out quickly and tailored to the specific needs of the business.

The solution has been enhanced by the inclusion of multi-lingual capability for the employee eLearning and an overarching dashboard, which allows the legal function to access, at the touch of a button, detailed information from employee eLearning modules, declaration forms, training registers and gifts and hospitality logs.

This, in turn, has freed its legal team up to focus on more strategic matters which contribute to the growth and success of the business.

Proserv are delighted with the Cerico compliance tools we have selected to use. Both the e-learning and the Gifts and Hospitality tool were very easy to customise in order to meet our specific internal requirements and make it relevant for our employees. The roll-out went very smoothly and the support we received leading up to and during the roll-out from the Cerico team was exceptional. We have received excellent feedback from the most Senior to the most Junior employees on the eLearning content, which is practical and clear, and on how easy and effective the Gifts & Hospitality tool is to use. From a compliance perspective, with the introduction of these tools I have increased transparency and assurance. There is no question that Cerico has helped simplify these very important compliance processes. Graeme Strachan, Group Compliance Manager - Proserv

What our clients say

Cerico solutions have been deployed in 40 countries across 5 continents, in 9 languages. Watch our video to find out how we’re helping our clients embed their compliance programmes. Cerico video transcript