Cerico Video Transcript

Cerico – making a difference for our clients.

Interview with Graeme Strachan, Group Compliance & Logistics Manager, ProServe

Can you describe your business and the unique compliance changes you faced?

“ProServ is an oil and gas service company offering various products and services to the industry, starting off in the early sixties from an early form of which became ProServ today. We’ve grown from in the last two years, in particular, from about 800 hundred employees to about 2,000 and with that the compliance challenges which that has brought is managing that, moving away from a manual process into some form of automated process.”

How did you hear that Cerico could be a solution?

“Cerico was first introduced to me at a seminar I attended that was hosted by Pinsent Masons one of the law firms that we interact with on a regular basis and they introduced Cerico and explained the offerings of Cerico to me and I immediately realised the potential and how it could help if we introduced it into our business here at ProServ.”

What elements make Cerico unique or particularly innovative?

“For me one of the things that made Cerico stand out compared to others was that how flexible it was, how easy it was to introduce and most importantly how easy it was to tailor to our specific requirements with regards to branding and introducing specific elements of our compliance programme.”

What was the Cerico team like to work with?

“The Cerico team were extremely easy to work with they were extremely attentive and for me most importantly they were extremely patient. My mind changed on a regular basis as we were developing the programme and every single time I came up with something they didn’t moan and complain about it they just got on and did it for me which was hugely beneficial for me.

What is the key difference that Cerico has made, and continues to make, within your business?

“It’s freed me up to do lets say more important things but less cumbersome as far as the reporting, I can now at a press of a button have dashboard reports that give me an overview of what we are doing, who we are doing it with, how we are doing it from a gifts and entertainment prospective and from a training basis if anyone asks me whose been trained and who hasn’t been trained as far as e-learning is concerned I can give them that very, very quickly.”