Corporate Counsel Exchange 2015

By Suzy Walls - Sales Executive @ Cerico Solutions

With an Efficiency and Business focus, today's Corporate Counsel Exchange 2015 has proved most insightful. The audience was largely General Counsels, from across Europe and very diverse sectors.

I was in attendance with Richard Masters, representing Cerico, the Pinsent Masons' subsidiary.

Compliance - and the need for technology to drive efficiencies - has loomed large in all settings today, from 'BrainWeaves' to our series of One-to One Meetings. 

We have spent a large part of the day discussing implementing compliance, taking a proactive stance and determining with potential clients their appetite for our core products, ranging from eLearning through to Third- Party Due Diligence.

Seeking to take the heavy lifting out of compliance clearly resonated with a lot of the delegates. The key question is what will they do next? 

We have multiple referrals into International Contract & Planning and International Compliance teams and I am excited at the prospect of following these thought provoking meetings up and undertaking a series of Cerico platform demonstrations.

Today’s programme closed with delegates being asked to share their thoughts on the "Evolution of the GC Role and its New Influence on the Corporate Stage."

Conference Chair Bjarne Tellmann, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Pearson PLC closed with identify areas in which he sees outside counsel having significant opportunities, one of which was investing in innovative cloud based technologies that will bring significant value to their existing clients. I was delighted to share Pinsent Mason's investment in Cerico with him after his wrap up!

A few other GC thoughts shared:

"We need to not be the Debbie Dowers of the corporate world"

"Best leaders have incredibly thick skins"

"I don't check my phone until after breakfast and I find my best blue sky thinking happens in the shower" (!)

Tomorrow we close with Riding the Compliance Wave - Creating a Competitive Advantage through your Compliance Programme by Leveraging Compliance as a Business Differentiator.

Published: Oct 20, 2015