You could have the very best compliance policies or Codes of Conduct sitting in a drawer or on your intranet. But how do you bring those to life?

One of the greatest challenges in achieving robust regulatory compliance is embedding it as a culture. It needs to be instilled across your workforce, supply chain, joint venture companies and third-party agents.

A key part of the compliance response is certification. The Cerico certification platform enables you to roll out compliance programmes across huge numbers of stakeholders at the touch of a button. So whatever your concerns, you can mitigate risk in a way that is simple, effective, auditable and interrogable. The platform comprehensively covers bribery and corruption, competition and anti-trust, trade sanctions, health and safety, and many other risk environments.

Cerico's certification platform enables you to:

  • Conduct compliance certification programmes during on-boarding, annually or at a frequency chosen by you
  • Do so on a global scale at the touch of a button. It has inbuilt workflow management handling all online invites, reminders and expirations of requests for completion or update requirements
  • Help ensure your policies, processes and expectations of conduct are read and understood by your employees, your supply chain and agents
  • Quickly and easily issue updates and changes as regulation evolves
  • Add an inbuilt authorisation workflow to certification processes, if required, for managing policy exceptions
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