Competition Law

Legally Led Learning is an essential and highly effective way of making sure staff and business partners are aware of regulatory risk and their obligations.

Competition law lays down rules about how business must behave to ensure fair competition and with the ultimate aim of protecting consumers. There are civil and criminal penalties for breaching competition laws, this module focuses on the topics of anti-competitive practices and abuse of a dominant position.

As a result of completing this module, staff will be able to

  • Describe what Competition Law is and how it might impact the organisation or staff.
  • Define different aspects of Competition Law such as anti-competitive agreements, cartels, tendering etc.
  • Understand the penalties to the organisation or staff if these laws are broken including; imprisonment and unlimited fines for an individual, fines for the company of up to 10% of the worldwide turnover of the corporate group, directors can be disqualified, reputational damage, management time and legal fees.


Features & Benefits

Delivered globally and in multiple languages without the need for any additional hardware or software.

Customisable to different risks, particularly in emerging markets, to reflect different organisations’ Codes of Conduct.

Facilitates secure “click through” access for all users, from the Cerico welcome email. There is no need for individuals to set up (forget!) passwords.

Accurate management data, certifying completion rates and benchmarking overall understanding of compliance obligations.