Sanctions Export Controls

Legally Led Learning is an essential and highly effective way of making sure staff and business partners are aware of regulatory risk and their obligations.

The focus of this module is to help the clients be compliant with EU and UK financial sanctions, trade embargoes and export controls. The US regime is also summarised because sometimes the US laws apply to them.

The module explains different sanctions, trade embargoes and export controls, including why and how to protect their business.

As a result of completing this module, staff will be able to;

  • Understand the definition of sanctions globally including financial sanctions.
  • Understand the definition of trade embargoes and import/export controls.
  • Provide examples of economic sanctions applied globally.
  • Describe steps taken in order to avoid breaching sanctions and trade restrictions.

Features & Benefits

Delivered globally and in multiple languages without the need for any additional hardware or software.

Customisable to different risks, particularly in emerging markets, to reflect different organisations’ Codes of Conduct.

Facilitates secure “click through” access for all users, from the Cerico welcome email. There is no need for individuals to set up (forget!) passwords.

Accurate management data, certifying completion rates and benchmarking overall understanding of compliance obligations.